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Richer Fortin

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Good Day,

I very actively use Outlook Social Connector for LinkedIn and I have two issues I do not seem to be able to understand/fix.

1. I recently noticed that the "Last Modified Date" field of every contacts in my "LinkedIn" contact folder changes every time I sync, daily that is. It was my understanding that it should change only when there's a status change or else. Am I wrong on this?

2. When you set a connector, there is a parameter that permits you to ask for confirmation before an update is done on a contact. Can I have details on the use if this as I do not see it working?

- I use Facebook, LinkedIn and Messenger connectors.
- It all works fine as I have all the news, changes in the pane, new contacts are added, pictures are updated, Titles and Cie names are also updated.

TKS in advance,


Diane Poremsky

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I believe #2 applies only to GAL contacts, not LinkedIn. I thought the LinkedIn contacts refreshed no more frequently than daily (or more accurately, when outlook is restarted) - they shouldn't be refreshing on every sync. My LinkedIn contacts last updated a week ago.
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