Hyperlinks to batch files with parameters

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Is it possible to have an outlook hyperlink that starts a batch file and supplies an argument?

I've been trying this with no luck; the database starts but the parameter is not passed. Any ideas? The 45 would be the parameter I'm trying to supply to the program that the batch file starts (Access Database). I have tried all sorts of different quote locations and combinations.

strMessage = "<HTML><Font Face = " & Chr(34) & "Arial" & Chr(34) & "><Font color = " & Chr(34) & "Black" & Chr(34) & "><Font Size = " & Chr(34) & "3" & Chr(34) & _

"><A href=""file://D:\Q&BB Test Requests\Batch files\J D 1-26-13.bat"" ""45""" & _

"><FONT face=Verdana size=3>Please follow this link to view this project request</FONT></A>" & _

"</Font Size></Font Color></Font></HTML>"

To the best of my knowledge, no. Outlook is weird about hyperlinks and things that should work, won't. Can the batch ask for the parameter?

Thanks for the information Diane. I can program a parameter into the batch file when I make it, but it would have been a little easier to just pass the argument.
Yeah, but Outlook doesn't like easy. <g>
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