Unable to Open Hyperlinks in Outlook 2010

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Natasha Butera

Ok Guys and Gals, I know this question has been asked before, but this one has a twist;

(using 7 and IE8 btw)

I've reset the browser, I've set it to default, I've set outlook to default, I've followed the registry fix, I've adjusted the junk email settings in outlook. I've poured over every listed and or possible fix for this problem on multiple forums. I'm still getting the error " unable to open based on restrictions on your computer" or something close to that LOL.

Does ANYONE have any other suggestions, ideas, hints, whatever??

Please and thanks!


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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Initial step in fixing the hyperlinks not working issue in Microsoft Outlook 2010 is to reset the default browser in system.

It is always better to make the Internet Explorer as your default browser.

To do this, you need to open the Internet Explorer in the system and select ‘Tools’ from the menu.

Select the ‘Internet Options’ and in the Internet Options box, select the ‘Programs’ tab.

You need to then select the button labeled ‘Make Default’.

You need to then click the ‘OK’ button and get the changes saved.

The issue can thus be fixed.

Get more information to fix unable to open hyperlinks in outlook 2010 :


Hope this information helps you.

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What is the error message? There are two or three issues that cause htpyerlinks to not open - most are fixed by resetting the borwser settings. A few people need to reboot for the change to kick in.

When the problem happens after uninstalling Chrome or Firefox, reinstalling the program, setting IE as default then uninstalling the program again will fix it.

Restrictions in effect error page has all of the known fixes and links to information about other causes of hyperlink errors.
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