Mail in HTML format can't be sent if url or number is in the body Outlook 2010

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Dear all,

I've experiencing the issue with MS Outlook 2010 SP1. When I'm creating a new message, if there is an url in the body of message (i.e. or number (8774982837 or 732139) the message is sent without body (messages are in the HTML format). Same thing is happening if you try to save such message to Drafts - when you open the message there isn't any content. All messages include other text before the url or number.

Also, I've noticed that opening such message from Sent items or Drafts, then forwarding it with adding some new text, urls or numbers, the message is then sent or saved with new content but still without prior content.

If you change the format to Rich Text it works without problems.

When I'm working with Outlook 2003 for the same Exchange account, I'm not experiencing any problems with HTML format emails.

Note: Exchange account is hosted on MS Exchange 2003 Server

Please help.




Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
Re: Mail in HTML format can't be sent if url or number is in the body Outlook

After days of troubleshooting, I found the solution.
I used pst file for years in format: Outlook Data File (97-2002). I've just connected to it when I installed new OS and MS 2010. During the period from 12-15 September this year one of the MS updates caused this behavior (I didn't find which one because it's a time consuming).

Today, I created a new, blank pst in new format, test it and it worked without any problems. After that, I imported all the e-mails from old pst and still it is working normally.

I guess that this is some kind of MS issue. However, the important thing is that it's solved.

Hope that someone will find this useful.



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Re: Mail in HTML format can't be sent if url or number is in the body Outlook

Interesting. There have been other issues with ANSI format that were fixed by upgrading.

Thanks for sharing the solution. Things like this are often only solved by someone who has experienced the issue themselves and this may very well point others in the right direction.
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