Outlook, send to > mail recipient - results in plain text email

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Hi all,

This has been a problem for many years, and while a minor one, am wondering if anyone has a relatively simple fix.

When selecting a file, right clicking on it, and then choosing 'send to', followed by 'mail recipient', that file is then placed into a new email message, with some sample text. The sample text is in plain text format, and if wanting to include some inline graphics, the email has to be manually changed to HTML format.

I would like HTML format to be the default (rather than plain text).

If going into Outlook settings, you will find a place to set messages created to HTML. (">Options>Mail>(Compose Messages) Compose Messages In This Format:"). HTML is already the default.

The send to issue is within Windows itself (with the send to function bypassing the Outlook setting.

There is an old solution here which not does work any longer (even when making adjustments for the updated position of the 'Send To Folder' -> Windows Explorer “Send To” in HTML with Signature and Multiple Attachments – Stephen's Scribble Pad (archive.org)

There is a partial solution here -> microsoft outlook - Send To | Mail Recipient always sends the email in plain text - Super User

Anyone have a current working solution?

It goes without saying, that the issue only takes a few seconds to manually resolve each time, but it would be nice to not have to manually change the new message from 'plain text' to 'HTML' each time.

(I would be nice is Microsoft simply fixed this).
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