Unchecking "Send immediately when connected" does not work on apps that call Outlook

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Clayton Lee

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I have an unusual request from a client.

They are running Outlook 2010 32 bit connected to Exchange. They want their mail to sit in the Outbox when they click "Send" and then only to be sent when they initiate a send/receive.

They have achieved this by going to Options - Advanced and unchecking "Send immediately when connected" and by turning off the automatic send/receive every 30 minutes.

All is working fine - except for when they generate an email outside Outlook. I am not talking SMTP relay or anything like that - just a simple Right Click -> Send to -> Mail Recipient within Windows, or "Send to Mail Recipient" within Word or Excel.

These emails call a new email in Outlook automatically populated with the attachment - but when you click "Send" they send immediately - they do NOT respect the "Send immediately when connected" box being unchecked and hold the message in the outbox as expected.

I have tested this behaviour in 32 bit 2010, 2013, 2016 Outlook instances - all connected to Exchange Servers.

The client swears blind that this behaviour used to work correctly, but I can't think of any way it could have. I am also having a lot of trouble working out what search phrase to use to run this one down.

I am thinking about opening a support case with Microsoft as it seems like this is replicable incorrect behaviour, but I thought I would ask on here first to see if anyone has any ideas.

Diane Poremsky

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This is an exchange account? The proper way to stop auto send & receives with Exchange is by setting Outlook offline. Disabling Send Immediately will slow it down and setting an Exchange mailbox to send & receive every 30 min will help, but it doesn't properly sync calendars and and other special folders.

Exchange accounts are supposed to sync as mail arrives or is sent and using Send to links in other programs uses Simple MAPI and bypasses some functions, it uses the Exchange defaults, not the custom settings.

Try setting Outlook offline - if send & receive or F9 doesn't work when you set outlook offline, verify the settings in Send and Receive options.
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