Programmatically force html send and insert clipboard contents into body


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Users on my 20+ user MSAccess 2013/SQLServer 2016 system occasionally encounter errors. While the error message is open I would like my users to manually hit ALT+PRTSCN to copy a screenshot of the error message to clipboard.

I want to provide them with a button on the Access form that generates an email to me. I want that click, without any intervention by the user, to open a new mail with my address, pre-populated subject line, and pasting the clipboard contents into the body of the mail as an image rather than an attachment. They should be able to add descriptive text as needed as well.

Ideally, this is a one-click operation. They copy and close the error message and then hit my send button, and the mail is generated, the image is pasted into the body, and except for any text they may want to add it's ready to go.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this in VBA from Access?