force new meetings and appointments to send from my IMAP account

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Outlook 2013 64 bit
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I have multiple POP acconts and 1 IMAP account in Outlook 2013.

I have my default account set to the IMAP account, but outlook 2013 kept defaulting to the first POP account when sending email (i would manualy have to change it to my imap accont before sending).

I applied the Outlook 2013 registry key (found here Outlook, Multiple Accounts and the Default Account - Slipstick Systems ) and now my IMAP account defaults for all new email just as I wanted it to.

But when i create a new appointment or meeting, outlook 2013 still defaults to the first POP3 account and not my IMAP account.

Is there a way to force meetings and appointments to my IMAP account?
I've seen issues with this all the way back to 2003. The problem is that your Calendar is a local file and is tied to the first email account you placed in outlook. If your IMAP has a calendar on the web, you need to link that to the mailbox for the IMAP account. In other words, you need to set it up as a separate PST. THe only other question I have for you is: Did you Set up IMAP first?
The calendar is in the local pst, not the IMAP folders, correct? I think it would work if you'd use the imap calendar but i don't recommend it - it's too easy to use old methods of account management and lose the calendar (and contacts, tasks etc) without realizing you forgot to back up the calendar.

One option is to create a fake POP3 account for the IMAP account - 'deliver' it to the pst file so it can be the default account assigned to the pst.

I'll check it out and see if there are other options.
I had the same problem with a client who used 2003 and then 2007 later... He had originally set up POP3, and later added an IMAP account in 2003 outlook. I had to recreate the PST, start with the IMAP folder, and, because his webserver used WebDAV, he had a calendar there. Once it was sync'ed properly using the basic server settings from his web mailer, he had two calendars. I simply placed the WebDav above the outlook local. This allowed him to keep a Copy of the calendar from his WebDAV location, and even add to it, but he could not use the buttons. When he went to 2007, he had the problem again (he tried to set it up without checking the documents I left him). When I did this again, I found this to be true: Not all IMAP compatible services have a calendar you can link to by folder, but if they do, you can try a REGHACK to place that as your standard outlook calendar ( I don't recommend it or support it). However, if you load it as a secondary calendar (open it from a webDav), you can delete the folder from your outlook without deleting the actual calendar itself, protecting you from that "Whoops!!" scenario that ends with four letter words. The downside is that outlook will not see it as the default calendar, and you probably will not be able to use ribbon buttons to create meetings on it; you'll have to double click a blank area or select that area first, then use a button (works with 2010, but 2007 might need double click only) to open a meeting or appointment there. When you send\receive it will sync.
As an FYI, Outlook 2013's IMAP folders support the special outlook folders (as 'this computer only') so the folders are legit. It's nice for people who only want one set of folders but bad for people who don't want to lose data. :(
One of the reasons I stuck with 2010 for right now with a bunch of clients.
There are things I really like and things that aren't so great. The IMAP thing is pretty low and only affects people who don't have a pst set as default. The color scheme is worse - very bland. Not pretty like Outlook 2010. (You know its bad when Outlook 2010 is pretty. :))
Pretty looking or function... ...Hmm... Both? Yeah...

There are a few hacks popping up that alter the color scheme, applying a skin, but very few actually apply to the Office apps. I agree that the colors aren't that pretty, but for more experienced and literate clients, I use it for the straightforward interface and integration, then run an automated copy of the ical file. I have them run a PST backup once a month, and share their calendar to a location on their own machine using \\server\pathway as the web locale. This places an automatically updated ICAL file outside their outlook. When they delete the calendar, it deletes the backup function but doesn't usually delete the folder or the ical file. Then I can just restore the ICAL after a quick rebuild and viola. All is as it was.
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