How to get information about a set of meetings

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Mike Bannen

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Outlook 2013 64 bit
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I'm sure there is a simple way to do this, I just haven't found it :)

User clicks on a meeting. I need to get information about meetings in the same time period.
The time period could be the same day, the same week or the same month.
For example, for the same day, I need to get the total # of hours the user has scheduled in meeting for which s/he (a) is the organizer, and (b) has accepted.

Another example, I need to get
a) a count of all meetings that occurred prior to the selected meeting but in the same week,
b) also a count of all meetings scheduled to occur in the same week,
c) when the user is either the organizer or an invitee and the status of the meeting is not cancelled

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.
Thanks for response! I'm looking to do this w/o having to buy a separate package (i.e, looking to incorporate this into other code).
You'll need to pick up the start and end time and create a filter then initiate a search and count the results. Then you'll need to get the necessary fields from the items returned in the results and do whatever. Unfortunately, I don't have any code samples that do anything close to it.
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