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We currently have an Email to SMS service and use Outlook Personal Assistant to send appointment reminders to our clients via SMS.

Is it possible to have a template within Outlook that we can have autofill with certain information taken from our Contacts or the actual appointment??




{Customer name}

"Our Template Message"

{Our Company Name}

{Our Contact Details}

Any help would be appreciated!!


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You need to use scripting and while I don't have any samples for you, check out the templates at If they have a template that meets your needs, it might be cost effective to use it rather than trying to write your own.


Outlook version
Outlook 2007
Email Account
Exchange Server
They don't really have what i'm after! and since i know nothing of scripting i am quite happy to pay for someone to do this for me???? anyone???

would need this format....
Hi “customer’s first name or name”
Just a short message from us to reminder you of your appointment with whoever at “time and day” at “customer’s address”.
More of our own text.

The problem lies within the auto fill we need, We don't want to have to add a contact each time we create the appointment, just take the information from the appointment whether it be from the appointment body or subject line.

This message would need to be accessed from with an appointment so we can choose which template we would like to send via sms!

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