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Hi all,

Curious problem: I cannot stop Outlook from adding meetings to my calendar.
The issue occurs on both my devices: laptop win 11/Office 365 version 2211 & desktop win 10/office 365 version 2210.

Both devices have the same settings:
Outlook options > Mail > Tracking > Automatically process meeting requests and responses to meeting requests and polls = OFF
Outlook options > Calendar > Automatically Accept Or Decline = all OFF

Although this concerns locally installed version of Outlook, for good measure I've also set Outlook web client to not add meetings to the calendar.

Whether the meeting request comes in through the default Outlook account or one of my 3 other - gmail - accounts which i run through Outlook, makes no difference. Outlook "helpfully" shows the meeting request in my calender, which I then manually have to delete.

I am considering a workaround which is a filter in my calendar which only shows Meetings with Meeting Status = Accepted, but it's not ideal.

Does anyone have any further tips please?

Many thanks!!


Outlook version
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Office 365 Exchange
Turning Off the Addition of MS Teams Meeting
From the Outlook client:
1. Click File in the menu toolbar.
2. To the bottom left of the window, click Options.
3. In the Outlook Options window, select Calendar.
4. Under Calendar Options, remove the checkmark from “Add an online meeting to all meetings”
5. Click OK.



Outlook version
Outlook 365 64 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
Thanks but that doesn't solve - I already have that setting applied.
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