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If I look at a week in the future or past, go to contacts, come back to calendar, the view reverts back to this week. I want to make Outlook calendar stay in the week in which I am working until I am finished, not what Outlook thinks is best.
Is there a way to make the calendar date stay in the period that one is working?
No, if you leave the calendar and come back, it will revert to today. you'd need to open the calendar in a new window to avoid refreshing the folder.

The reason for the behavior is for consistency - if the calendar always stayed on the last viewed date, users would be more likely to create an appointment on the wrong date. Yeah, it can be annoying, but opening in a new window works well.
Ah, consistency, the hobgoblin of little minds!
Oh well, I'll try opening the calendar in a new window and see how I acclimate, but, already, too many windows open.
Many thanks
Have you tried using the to-do bar? for this purpose, its not quite as useful in Outlook 2007 as the to-do in newer versions - in new versions, you can select a date in the to-do bar calendar and it lists all appointments for that day and the next 6 days.
Yes, I have it open and I do use it a little - never thought of using it to navigate between dates. Creature of (bad) habit. Will try that.
I have the same complaint about contacts reverting to alphabetic order, but I suspect if I ask a similar question about that I will get a similar answer, so I will remain silent.
the view on contacts should be persistent - and the last selected contact will remain selected, depending on the view. Try resetting the view and change the sort order in view settings.
Not persistent. View is Business card. I reset view (and did other poking around) and still reverts to alphabetic order if I go to Calendar or Mail, etc when I come back to Contacts.
So, some other gremlin seems to be lurking?
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