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I setup a rule to move mail that comes into the inbox for one account into the inbox for another. This saves me from having to check mail in multiple inboxes. The problem is, it works sometimes, but not always. If I open rules manager and manually tell outlook to run the rules, it does so no problem. But after a while (a few days? I'm not sure...) it stops automatically moving them and I have to manually run the rule again. I cannot find a time period setting that might be the problem. This is the only rule I have setup and my first experience with rules. Any ideas what might be causing the snag? I'm running Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 Professional.


Do you get a lot of mail in at once? Rules can fail when mail is coming in too fast. You cant control how fast outlook downloads it, but you can try reducing mail checks so less mail arrives with each check, but shouldn't go below about 3 -4 min. (We recommend 8 -10 but in a case like this, more frequent checks can help.)

Are you moving all mail or is this a catchall type account and you are moving only mail sent to one specific address?
Hi Diane,

My total mail volume with each send/receive varies quite a bit. Sometimes 1-2, sometimes 12. On this specific account, it's usually 1-2. I currently have auto send/receive set to 5 min. on all accounts. Would it help if I set up a varying send/receive for each mail account (I have three accounts - so I could set one for 3 min, one for 4 min and one for 5 min)? That seems like Outlook would be doing a lot of work and I'm not sure what impact that would have on my overall network connection performance.

I am moving all mail sent to this one specific address. Does that help?


2 should not be a problem, 12 could be. Do the other accounts get many messages? If so, it might help to put each in a different group with staggered times.

Is the address you are moving the only one delivered to that account? If so, you can use the change folder button to deliver the mail to a different folder instead of using rules, although it can cause issues if you are leaving mail on the server.
I've put the accounts each in separate groups at staggered times. Hopefully that will help. The address I'm moving is part of a group account (mail that gets sent to "allstaff" is delivered to my specific account). I'm not sure how that would impact changing the folder (and I have no idea how to do that) so I'll try the staggered send/receive option first. Although, I now envision new mail arriving (e.g. tempting me away from my work) much more frequently...we shall see if this works out.

Thanks for your help Diane!
To change the folder, go to File, Account settings, select the account and then Change folder. All messages downloaded by the account will be delivered to the selected folder. If you are using rules to move all mail downloaded by this account you won't notice a difference.

If the account downloads mail for allstaff, allstaff1, allstaff2 and you only want to move mail sent to allstaff, you would need to use a rule.
To change the folder, go to File, Account settings, select the account and then Change folder.

I don't see Change folder as an option. I see "Change" but that takes me to the account settings (server, password, etc.). What am I missing? I don't want to choose the Data Files tab and change the data file, do I?
Is it a pop3 account? Those are the only ones that you can change the folder on.

I suspected as such when you didn't see the button. In this case, using rules is the best option. Rules only run on messages that are fully downloaded - i don't know if this is why they stall but they tend to be more problematic on imap accounts. Sorry.
Thanks Diane! The staggered send/receive seems to be working okay for now.
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