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My problem is not getting Junk Mail out of my Inbox. Microsoft recognizes most junk and sends it directly to the Junk folder. What MS misses gets caught with my MS Outlook Inbox rules. So 99.5% of all my junk mail goes directly to the Junk folder. No problem there. In terms of volume that amounts from 60 to 120 junk mails per day.

The issue is you can’t apply MS Rules to a sub folder nor use wildcards (especially if you are an IMAP server) and I can’t chance just emptying the entire Junk folder. I first must review the junk mail (daily) for false positives like email from a first time account. I would like to set up a specific junk folder rule(s)s to delete anything that I identify as real junk and be able to use wildcards to accomplish this. And something easy, something that doesn’t require constant script updates.

>> What MS misses gets caught with my MS Outlook Inbox rules.
Are you deleting these or moving them to junk email?

You can set up rules and run them manually on the junk folder. I have a macro that watches the folder and deleting mail that meets a condition - in the sample, it's using sender's TLD but could use anything, as long as its always the same field.

If you go the rules route, i have a macro that selects and runs the rules, saving a couple of steps.
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