Emails suddenly going to the Junk email folder

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I have an Exchange 2010 Server and lately 3 users have noticed that some emails that used to go straight to their inbox are now going to the junk email folder.

One of the users even had one email from one of our employees (from our domain) in her junk email folder ! :eek:

They have not changed anything on the MS Outlook settings like the Junk Email settings, safe senders, etc.

Anyone knows why this may be happening?

I haven't modified anything on the Exchange Server either.

Thanks and help is greatly appreciated.

Diane Poremsky

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Look at the infobar on the message in the junk folder - does it ssay outlook's junk filter put it there? If it says something else did it, what antivirus is on the computers - does it install antispam components? If it says nothing (no infobar) then it was moved on the server before outlook downloaded it.


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Hi Diane:

I checked our Trend Worry Free antivirus on the server and apparently it has the Anti-Spam module enabled.

Outlook says the following:

And the Trend Antivirus settings look something like:

Also the following Anti-Spam modules from the above picture are enabled:

- Enable real-time anti-spam (Content Scanning)

- Enable Web Reputation

Could this be the problem? Should we disable the anti-spam module from the antivirus and let outlook handle the junk email?



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I would disable that junk filter and let outlook handle the spam. If you have a spam filter (even just Exchange's IMF), you can dump the most obvious spam and outlook on low might be good enough.
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