Outlook 365 Hey Diane! MS 365 Biz Standard and "Potential Spam" addressed to others coming to my JUNK folder?

Christopher M

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I have a weird problem that just popped up...

I am using an exchange account that I used for a little bit last year and then switched away.

During that time, I was THE ONLY address using exchange... I just switched mom over to my domain this year.

I am paying for 2 separate email licenses.

I have only been using the account full time for about 5 days now. And have NOT changed anything on the account.

I have this issue that I need to stop from happening:

I opened my spam folder this morning and in it, was a email from Michaels ( Craft store) but it was addressed to my MOM's ACCOUNT.
I am NOT signed up to get emails from Michaels.

Soo, Why is her " potential spam" coming to my mailbox?

I marked the email as NOT SPAM through OWA, and instead of it going to her mailbox, it added the domain to my safelist and moved the email to my inbox.

I had MS call me and that guy really didn't make no sense to me. He couldn't figure out why this was happening

He had me go to Exchange ADMIN Center > Policies and Rules > Threat Policies > Anti Spam Inbound Policy

and then click on Anti Spam Inbound Policy ( DEFAULT) and scroll down to

"Redirect to this email address"​

and change this address to a gmail address.

I explained to the guy what I was wanting but he just studdered, and kept talking over me, and acted like he understood what I was trying to say....

I explained to him that I would rather Moms spam just go to her JUNK folder in her own personal account, and let her deal with her own spam and not notify me. He said that I couldn't disable that rule under Exchange ADMIN Center > Policies and Rules > Threat Policies > Anti Spam Inbound Policy

As I said I have NOT made any changes to my account.. I don't even know how to set up " Account Transport Rules"

I had the guy check the quarentine settings and there's no rules set for that.. But if you need me to check that I can?

Please Help!


Christopher M

Senior Member
Outlook version
Outlook 365 64 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
Here is some more information:

Now the Michaels email is showing up at my gmail account, instead of to my Mom's account since the MS guy had me change the email address for suspicious emails:

Could this be why the emails are forwarded to my gmail account: Michael's SPF record fails the integrity check, so Exchange thinks the emails are suspicious?

How do I mark the entire domain as safe though Exchange, so that the emails are delivered to my mom?



Christopher M

Senior Member
Outlook version
Outlook 365 64 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange

MS called me and guided me through the process:

I had to go to

(Sign in to your account) - which is security.microsoft(DOT) com/antispam

Click on " Anti Spam inbound Policies"

Scroll to " Edit Actions"

Then for Spam, High Confidence Spam, and Phishing --- Change the setting from " REDIRECT TO ADDRESS"

to " Move to Spam folder"

"High Confidence Phishing" I left on Quarantine.

But I did have Outlook do something weird this morning.. When I launched OL 365 for the first time, it moved a copy of the messages in my inbox to " OUT 2022" which is my Sent folder.

And that rule is set up as " After message is sent "
" From Specified account firstname@domain.com"
Move a copy to "Out 2022"
Stop processing rules.

So I just ran Outlook.exe /CleanRules and reset all the rules back up again.

I read running clean rules eraces all rules on the exchange mailbox OWA client, and in Outlook 365

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