Recommendations for Utility to Backup Outlook 365 Account Settings

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Reviewed the previous posts since I did not want to waste anyone's time but did not find anything that was relevant to my question. I also checked but was unsure about the age of the recommendations there.

My question concerns my Office Outlook 365 Family Paid Version (Not Work/School). I would like a recommendation for a backup utility that can handle the following:

Local PST files
Local Rules
Existing Macros
All local account data including local POP, IMAP, Additional Exchange Accounts and Gmail Accounts
Any other customizations that I missed above ;>

Really, really tired of reinventing the wheel when I have to do fresh reinstalls and have a bad or incomplete backup (separate issue). Hoping there is an effective solution.

Additional info, I did try exporting the profile from the registry and adding it again, for some reason that did not work for me. Another reason to find a reliable utility.
See here.

The "Utility" is you doing it. It's not hard and not like it changes much.

Some in copied/exported files ... some documented in a text-file. If you have multiple email accounts, use the first one as a template, copy/paste it below the first one, and change the relevant items.
Moving the profile to a new computer is problematic because the file paths change.

If you are using PST files - just copy them do not import export. Rules, views, categories are all stored in the data file.

But you can move signatures, macros, word & excel templates, customized ribbons, etc.

They are all stored either in %localappdata%\microsoft\*** or %appdata%\microsoft\*** p- backup the folders and put the contents in the same folder on the other computer.

But not the entire contents of either outlook folder - only the largest most recent autocomplete XML file in %localappdata%\microsoft\outlook (plus any pst files there, especially if modified date is recent - put them in the outlook files folder in documents on the new computer)
The VBA OTM file is at %appdata%\microsoft\outlook.

I would definitely move signatures, templates folders.

Custom ribbons are at %localappdata%\Microsoft\Office

I have more information here -
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