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I got stupid...I had an outlook.com account in outlook 2016 and I removed the account from outlook 2016. Before I did that I moved and saved the OST file. Now i'm reading that the OST Is not simply a PST and I either have to convert it to a PST or do something else that does not seem easy to do.

What is the best solution here?

Diane Poremsky

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Correct, you cant just open it. But you have a couple of choices...

if everything is still in the account, set up the account, download everything and export to a pst before removing the account (make sure sync settings are download all messages - file, account settings, double click on account then More Settings)

if you deleted everything in outlook.com and deleted it from outlook recently enough that you could use system restore to get the account back, restore to a previous date, export the ost then restore back to 'now'

Otherwise, you need an ost to pst recovery utility. See Convert an Offline File (.ost) to a Personal File (.pst) for more information and a list of ost to pst conversion utilities.