Connected vs Connected Headers vs OST file.

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Hi Outlook Forums,

This is an academic question and a bit of a blast from the past, but I'll ask it anyway if it's ok. Also - If this thread should be in the Exchange forum, please advise and I'll move it there.

Test Environment: I tested this on a non-production SBS 2003 VM with a non-production XP client VM, but can't get a definitive result. XP was running an Outlook 2003 client.

Scenario: Outlook is running in Cached Exchange Mode. Outlook presents several receive options via a dropdown control on the lower left hand corner of Outlook. Two of those options are "Connected" and "Connected (Headers)". If I understand correctly, when set to Connected, Outlook will download both headers and content at the same time. Additionally, and if I understand correctly, when set to "Connected (Headers), Outlook will initially download just headers, and then download the content as bandwidth allows.

Here's my test:
1) I exited Outlook on the XP client.
2) On the server, I created an email with a 1MB pdf attachment via the Outlook Web Access interface.
3) I opened Outlook on XP and attempted to notice if there was any difference in the time it took to receive the email and completely open the 1MB pdf attachment using the Headers option, and then the Connected Headers option. There didn't seem to be any noticeable difference in the time. I realize there was only one email and a relatively small attachment by today's standards.

My guess here is that since Cached Exchange Mode is enabled on the XP client, Outlook is always going to download both the header and content, and ignores the "Connected" and "Connected (Header)" options. my thinking being that the purpose of Cached Exchange Mode is to have the header and content in event of the Exchange Server going offline, or likewise having the XP client being a laptop where it would useless to have just the header and no content at 35,000 feet.

Anyone remember if Cached Exchange Mode made the "Connected" and "Connected (Header)" options irrelevant?

Like I said, this is just academic, there's nothing broke to fix here.

Thanks for considering this elongated post. I appreciate any thoughts and comments you care to share.

Regards . . .
Looks like no takers for this thread here. Thanks for letting me post. I'll move it over to the Exchange forum ans see if anyone remembers how this worked.

Regards . . .
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