Rule not working on message headers

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Outlook version
Outlook 2007
Email Account
Do rules work with message headers only? I have an account that gets lots of email and I dont need to download all the message data, so I have it set up to only download message headers.

This rule works with a full message (ive used it many times before), however if the account is only flagged to receive message headers it does not seem to work. Ive tried running the rule manually and these message headers are still sitting in my main Inbox instead of being moved to the specified folder.

Here is my rule:

Apply this rule after the message arrives

through the account

and on this machine only

move it to the XXX folder

Any advice? This rule is setup on a laptop I dont always use, and its nice to only download message headers so that I dont have to wait to download 300 MB of email when I try to use outlook on this particular laptop every few months.
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