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Dear Outlook Experts,

Is it possible to access and asses the content of a User Defined Field when creating/editing an Outlook Rule?

I have a third party integration that creates many email items, placing them into a dedicated inbox. The external system populates certain useful data into User Defined Fields (UDFs) for each item. I would like to better manage these mail items by automatically filing them in certain folders using Outlook Rules, however I would like to use/assess the content of the UDF's when deciding where/if to file an item.

e.g. I would like to add a Rule Condition along the lines of "where UDF 'School' = 'SomeSchool'"

Is this possible? if so, please explain how.


it's not possible in standard rules but you could use a run a script rule. You should also check out Auto-mate addin for outlook - i don't know if it supports UDF, but if it does, the ROI would be high, especially if you need a lot of rules or your VBA is not strong.
That's what I was afraid of. My VBA is not too shabby, however my experience with / knowledge of the Outlook object model is rather limited at this point in time. Guess I may have to roll my sleeves up and get my hands dirty...

Thank you for your reply.
Outlook's Rules and Alerts: Run a Script

Actually, if they are in a folder that is not your accounts inbox, you need to use itemadd macros.
How to use an ItemAdd Macro

I thought i had a macro that shows how to read the fields, but i don't see it.

If you have a lot of different folders (or the software generates new values), if at all possible, use the custom field value as the folder name. Otherwise, use an array or select case. (Array might be more efficient.)
Using Arrays in Outlook macros
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