Content Lost From Draft, Returns Upon Refocus?

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G&G Danny

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Outlook 2007
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Apologies if this is duplicated my existing post but I cannot find my existing post, here are the details:
We currently have an intermittent issue, only effecting 1 person, with outlook not always displaying the entire content in long Draft email.

The user will create an email with X amount of paragraphs, which is saved to drafts when they close it. Later in the day they will open the email and the text towards the bottom of the email is missing which may be a couple of paragraphs and the signature. They close the email, switch their view to the deleted items (or any other folder), revisit the drafts folder then re-open the email and the content which was missing is now showing.

The occurrence of the issue can vary from a day to a couple of weeks. we have had no success in being able to recreate the issue.

We are using Exchange 2007 and the User is using Outlook 2007 SP3, they are both based in the office on the same LAN and Cache copy is not enabled on the users PC.

The user first noticed this issue on 19/03/2013.

Would you be able to advise me on the next step to find out what is causing this issue.

Thanks in Advance
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