alter the timeout for how long outlook looks for a content-server on an HTML-email?

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no - this is not about timeouts when contacting mail servers.

instead, here's the scenario - you have a beautiful, richly-formatted and image-containing HTML email in your inbox that's trying to pull part of its content from a web-server somewhere...

BUT: for whatever reason that server is unreacheable. this results in the whole program locking up for a LONG TIME, where nothing can be done. i didn't time it exactly, but i guess 2 or 3 minutes before OL stops trying and let's you continue. and if you have preview enabled this 2-3 minutes happens every time you scroll through that message in your inbox.

wouldn't it be neat if we could tell outlook to only try 5 or 10 seconds before giving up?
yups. hosts is not really an option - we don't know where the faulting email is gon' come next from, and we also don't want to prevent viewing the website of said sender sometime in the future when his/her server is back up.

so this 2 mins is hard-coded somewhere - not adjustible by some hack?
It's a network timeout - it might be configurable, but would affect all network traffic, not just outlook.
if the key doesn't exist, it should use the default - try adding the keys / values and reboot - see if it works.
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