0x8004210A Timeout waiting for response

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Outlook version
Outlook 365 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
On an intermittent basis I get the error.

Task ‘********@****.com’ – Receiving reported error (0x8004210A) The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server.

I tried everything. Timeout is now set at five minutes. No network errors that I can determine, happens on three different machines. All Windows 10 V2004 fully patched with Office 365 subscription, all maintenance applied.

My first question is which server do they mean "response from the receiving (POP) server." ? Is this the inbound server or outbound server "receiving" our sent mail.

For inbound I'm using port 110 no SSL and for outbound 587 with STARTTLS. The outbound settings come from ISP server team and they are the only combination that works other than 587 - none. I've got the timeout message using both configs for port 587. Port 465 does not work with any encryption setting including none.

The little test emails, inbound and outbound, always work, no timeout issues.

One machine is a brand new install, firefox and adobe with an existing .pst file.

Of note all three of these machines will ask for passwords to be re-entered when the device is restart. I saw this error on MS forums. They loose all passwords even the password to the Office 365 subscription. SFC /scannow and dism check health commands finds no integrity errors or store corruption. On one device I ran Office repair. I shut off add-ins. Internet speed is 465Mpbs down 20Mbps up (wired connections to devices)

Would like to understand which server is the "Receiving (POP) server" and what I might try next. Ideally there would be a detail log that I could show server team.

Thank you all in advance
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