vba scrip to move emails based on long keywords list

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server 2010
Hey all,

I have a generic mailbox in which I have all the orders for my comany comming in. These are around 200 mails a day. All sellers put the name of the contract in the subject OR body of the email.

My problem: is there a way to create a VBA MACRO), which goes checking the subject and body of the email for specific words. No no no not the generic rules and alerts in outlook, that doesn't work, because my list of possible keywords is a list of nearly 200 keywords (diffrent contract names).
When a keyword is found, the mail should be moved to a specific folder. When no keyword is found nothing should happen, when multiple keywords are found also nothing should happen.

For me, it can, but doesn't have to be automated. A macro I can run every now and then would work as fine for me.
I am looking for this for weeks now. But didn't find a solution myself, so I put my question here.

Your help is much aprreciated.

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