How long it may take for 'Move all Replicas' from Exchange 03 to Exchange 10

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Dear all,

Sorry for bothering you guys but I'm 'chicken' on doing that public folder migration/replication in between exchange 2003 to 2010.

Long story, can be a good example for what means by a 'failure migration on public folders'

I had a public folder with size of 80Gb, I messed up with just replicate all of it in one go - a public folder replication storm occured after I select the whole PF to replicate to the new server.

And in between I tried stopped that by
- delete inter-connection (routing group) in between servers
- delete quese manually (nearly impossible as we are talking about deleteing 10,000 (or even 100 times more) from the queue and ESM just hung in between process)
- remove the replica from the PF
- Finally find the 'stop replica' on ESM and command shell but the replication process just couldn't stopped.

Have to wait until the whole process done - 'weather the storm' <- someone say from the internet

And I had to re-do the PF replication folder by folder and now they all in good shape.

Story end and now this is my question on 'Move all Replicas'

Since the main goal is to discontinue the Exchange Server 2003 so I need do 'Move all Replicas' from exchange server 2003. Would that be the long process? Say I don't want to have another 'public folder replication storm' ...

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