"Tabs from (eg) 5 May, 18 May and 17 June" in Favourites

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In my Favourites are the above 3 folders - the actual dates shown are 5/5, 18/5 and 17/6 and I've converted them to avoid US/UK date order confusion.

The dates seem pretty random and I've not set them up (as far as I know!). Do we have any control over setting them up? I'm not sure why I need them so can I remove these and stop future ones? Or am I missing something obvious please!
Tabs 2018-09.PNG

This is in Outlook or Outlook on the web? I don't think Outlook is creating them on it's own... but I'm not sure exactly what they are. (A screenshot would help.)
Hello Diane. Above is a snip from my favourites.

Hi Diane. I don't want to name openly the Directly guy - he's HERE
I picked up a very sarcastic comment from Jim Wynne about the advice given and the drivereasy link but I can't find it at the moment.
Ah... now i see. I thought you meant in Outlook. :) Those are tab groups you saved as bookmarks - right click on a tab and choose add to favorites. it creates a folder with todays date in it and saves all open tabs to favorites.


Hi Diane. I don't want to name openly the Directly guy
if they dont get reported, they won't receive coaching (and the worst of the worst won't be removed). Unfortunately, i dont see the program ending anytime soon - so we need to work on improving the ones in the program and getting good help. :) Most the ones who are pretty good don't stick around long. :(
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