How To Change Default View of Tabs in Outlook 2010


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When I open an email in my Inbox, the tab that is displayed is "File." I want the "Message" tab to be displayed by default when I open an email. I want to do this because I prefer the greater amount of commands that show on the "Message" ribbon.

How can I make the "Message" tab the default tab view when I open my emails in Outlook 2010?

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BTW - to un-minimize the ribbon, double click on any tab. Double click again to minimize. There is also an expand/collapse button over by the Help icon.

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The help was really in tip from a "few weeks ago," which was excellent. The key is to double click on the tab you want. Thanks for the help.

This is caused by collapsing the ribbon. Expand it and all will be well.

FWIW & if you prefer the collapsed ribbon, the File tab is not "displayed", it's always a different color and access to the contents of any tab (File included) is still 1 click.

As an FYI, we used this as a tip a few weeks ago: