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This is one of those "pull your hair out" moments for me. In past versions of Outlook, you could select a different folder to use as the junk e-mail folder. I am connecting to a standard IMAP server (privately run) and the junk folder is set as "junk" and can't be changed as it is part of an automated spam filter system on the server. I researched this some time ago and found, on the main Slipstick site I believe, reference to some sort of software that let you make changes to some bits of Outlook and it was specifically offered as a solution to this issue. I thought I saved the URL but I have not been able to find it and now I cannot find the reference again either.

If anyone either knows of the software I am talking about (I think it was free) or any other way to accomplish this task, I would be very grateful if you could share. Currently the "junk" folder shows up in Outlook 2013 along with the default Junk E-Mail folder that Outlook creates.

Thanks for the quick reply. There is no webmail set up but Thunderbird seems to use it. I wonder what part of the configs on that server tell the client what the folders are used for. I think the software was either a developer tool or something created by a developer to mess with the internal settings of Outlook. It was very late when I finally stopped looking but I don't think I dreamed it, lol. Outlook shows the folder but it also shows it's own and wants to use the latter.
Well, I still don't know if it will help but I finally found the software I mentioned. It took some heavy searching through my search history. I have well marked it and will check it out tomorrow. I'll report back if you like. Have you heard of it?
oh, mfcmapi. I thought about that one, but I don't think you can use it to remap the junk folder, although I never looked to do that. It can delete the default folders but outlook will just recreate them.
Well no luck with that, at least I couldn't see any way it would do it. I did check the server (I have access) and the Dovecot config has the Junk folder defined and listed as "auto = subscribe" so it seems it should be telling Outlook what to do.

mailbox Junk {
auto = subscribe
special_use = \Junk

In the mail storage folders on the server, it has the correct ".Junk" folder and also the Outlook created ".Junk E-mail" folder. There appears to be no way to delete the latter from Outlook or change it to use the former either.
Can you can dovecot to use the junk folder outlook uses? If the server's filter uses the folder dovecot identifies for junk, it should work.
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