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I thought it would be simple to get my calendar on my mobile devices!!! I found instructions from you on how to set up an Microsoft account and got it to work perfectly on my account. I have a gmail and a pop3 account only. My husband's account has two outlook 365 accounts (from clients companies he does work with) as well as a gmail for personal and a POP account for our business. The default data file is currently an old file that existed prior to our upgrade to Outlook 2013. It is a .pst file.

When I try and change it to the new account, or the gmail account I get an error message "Outlook (97-2002) Data Files (.pst) cannot be used when more than one Exchange account is configured. "

We cannot have our calendar appearing on the clients files. Is there any way to have our calendar mobile?

Please help
The message is telling you that the pst file is the old format. Go to File, Account Settings, Data files tab and click New to add a new data file and set it as default. Then import the old pst into it.
I did this. Created a new file and imported the old file into it. I can make this the default but it still gives me the same error message when I try to make the microsoft account the default. Any ideas?
Oh, now I understand. Exchange likes to be the default, especially if there is an account in the profile. I'll test a couple of things.
Hi Diane,

I have exactly the same problem as JulieB. Did you manage to find a solution?
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