Moved 6 months worth (approx 1500 emails) lost from moving from TPG inbox to Icloud inbox (folders)

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Last weekend I moved over 1500 emails (approx 6 months worth of emails received from my clients with important attachments) into subfolders (for each client I set up on on icloud) so that I can manage and find emails quicker and easier. I also moved these very important business critical emails to icloud as the storage capacity of the TPG mail server (my ISP) is only 2GB (I have an IMAP account). My icloud storage capacity is 1TB and I have only used aprroximately 170mb.

I managed to successfully move over a similar amount of emails that I "sent" to various clients into their folders on icloud however some did not move accross. However 95% of the emails I "received" from clients that I moved over to icloud have all disappeared. They never went to icloud. I have confirmed this with Apple support.

I would like to know where these emails are or could be..........they have possibly 1 gigabyte or more of data from the attachments.

I have contacted Microsoft, Apple, my ISP and nobody can explain where they have gone. Have they seriously gone forever?

I have looked at filters, subscribed folders, looked on the webmail for my ISP as well as icloud but nothing.

Perhaps if the block of emails I was moving from my ISP email account to icloud was too big? Nobody is giving me any solutions.

The messages were never deleted. Surely they must be somewhere?

Someone please help.

Close outlook and make a copy of both the iCloud and tpg data file in %localappdata%\microsoft\outlook = select, Ctrl+C,V is sufficient.

Reopen outlook and go to the folder list - Ctrl+6 - look for error messages in the Sync issues folder. Typically, when there are errors, the uploads stops but the contents should stay in the data file and are only lost if you delete the data file.

Download one of the recommended ost recovery apps listed here - Convert an Exchange or IMAP .OST to a .PST - and run it on your copies. The trial versions will show you want it can recover - if one can't find the missing mail, the other will not be able to either.

If it finds any of the missing mail, you will need to purchase the app to recover it.
Thanks so much for your reply. I tried to repair the ost file but no joy. Am now goiung to try and convert to pst but i have no faith. This has really been a terrible experience. Anxiety plus.
Is it possible the files are still in TPG, and just ended up in different folders? Have you done a search for some keywords or client names to try to locate them?
And how exactly did you move them?
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