"You Replied on" Gets Stripped from Emails after they are Moved to Folder

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Hi all!

I have a user that is using Outlook 2010 connected to our Exchange 2010 server. She has two mailboxes coming into her Outlook, lets call them Box A and Box B. When she replies to a message she files it into a folder.

She may take an email she received to Box A, and file it in Box B or vice versa. Sometimes when she replies and moves an email, the "You Replied On" badge at the top of the email and the little purple arrow get stripped. So she may accidentally respond to a message she has already responded to.

Everyone does run in Cached Exchange mode around here. I was thinking about rebuilding the offline OST file, but before I do that I wanted to get some input and to other possible causes.

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Is the badge and icon on the messages in the OWA? Do the icons/badge stick if she waits to move the messages or disappear if she moves them too quickly?
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