This is currently a Lotus Notes app. Can Outlook / Exchange do this ?

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Frans Lombard

Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
Functional Requirements:

1. Provide the ability to store all email and fax correspondence from the ?? system.

2. Provide the ability to collect the Reference number / Fax Number or Email address from the subject Field of Reports sent from ?? to Outlook / Exchange and generate a new email with the correct subject and email or fax address for the referring person.

3. Provide the ability to store all Delivery Reports where possible as Response documents for email and fax correspondence going out to the referring person.

4. Provide the ability to view all correspondence in a View called All Reports categorised on Email Reports and Fax Reports. The View will consists of colums:

- Send To (Contains the Fax or Email address of the referring person)

- Subject (Contains the Subject of the Report)

- Received (Contains the Date and Time Outlook / Exchange received the report from ??)

- Dispatched (Contains the Date and Time Outlook / Exchange dispatched the report to the referring person)

- Return Receipt (Contains Date and Time of when the email was opened)

- Delivery Report(Contains Date and Time of when the email was delivered at the target system)

5. Provide the ability to resend Reports and record it as a resend
Both systems are pretty much the same - with one or two exceptions where lotus is definitely better but I can't remember what they are this early in the morning. :)

1. Yes.

2. If you mean use the phone # from the subject field to find the contact and send them an email, only if you use a macro.

3. if i understand the question correctly, yes.

4. Yes, using instant search or custom views.

5. Yes.
Thanks for the reply Diane.

I need to do a proof of concept on this. Can you help me with it perhaps ?
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