OL2013 Notes Form Issue - Menus

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All of a sudden I am having issues with my notes - every note now looks like this:

note Capture.JPG

This happens on ALL notes and even if I attempt to design the form I cannot remove it.

This is now the second time that this change has manifested itself, and I was able to fix the issue previously but cannot again.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance, I have been lurking for many years and I thank you for all the information I have been able to soak up!

Thanks again in advance,

I'm not seeing BCM - here's a screenshot of my add-ins.

outlook addins capture.JPG

BTW, I have no idea how I was able to get rid of it a couple of weeks ago. But now it's back!

Diane, I am sending you a note directly.

Thanks so much again,

Then its probably one of the others. Disable phrasemaker and see if it goes away - it's the only one I haven't used. If that is not the culprit, disable all of the non-Microsoft ones and enable them one at a time (both apple ones at the same time) and see which one is the cause.
THANK YOU Diane, it was Phraseexpress. once I unloaded that addin, it all went back to normal!!!

So much appreciated - for ALL that you do. you really have made a difference in my effectiveness on a day to day basis...
Thanks for the update. :)
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