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I just upgraded to Office 2013. I have an Outlook contact where I have a ton of information stored in the Notes area of the contact. I used to be able to use Find to locate information in this field more easily. I can not find a plain find for text within a field anywhere in teh toolbar or options. There is a contact find, an email message find, etc.

In 2010, I added the find to my quick launch area, but non of the command options seem to do what I want. CTRL-F creates a new mail message instead of doing a find.


I found my own answer. Although I still don't know how to do it in the "People" view, in the List view, when I open a contact, I have my "Find" that I like and it works as I think it should for finding text within a note.

It would still be nice to know how to do it in People view. Neither F4, nor Ctrl-F work.
I would switch out of people view and use business card view instead.

Ctrl+F is Forward when you are in the main outlook interface. F3 puts the cursor in the Search field and it should find contents of the notes field - if the contact is in the current folder. The people view matches duplicate contacts a in other contact folders and combines the data.
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