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I have a user who is having problems searching a shared mailbox's items. Both users are using Exchange accounts on Outlook 2007. They are also both running Wind 7 32 bit. The owner of the Mailbox is running in Cached mode and the other is not. The user who has access to the shared mailbox claims they used to be able to search emails that come into the Shared mailbox from their own Windows start menu. For the last month however the user says the only emails that show up are emails in her own account and nothing gets searched from the shared mailbox. I have checked the index options on her PC and Outlook is included and both mailboxes are checked off in the indexing options. I have tried rebuilding the user's index to see if that would fix it but this did not. I have also tried turning off the Windows Search feature and then turn it back on to see if that would do something but that hasn't either. I have looked at the owner of the mailbox's permissions and see the user is listed there but it says the permission level is set to none. Could that be what is effecting it? I apologize if this isn't clear enough, I'm not super savvy with Exchange accounts and permissions with shared mailboxes yet. I haven't been able to find any other suggestions through Google aside from what I have tried so I thought I'd try here.
If the user can see the contents of the mailbox in outlook, she has the necessary permission. I believe the user needs to cache the shared folders in order for windows to index them - the shared mailbox won't be indexed if there is not a local cache.
How does the user cache the shared folders? I checked the indexing on her pc and the shared mailbox is listed there, is there another location the shared folder gets cached?
In Account Settings, double click on her account then More Settings. There is an option to cache shared folders.
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