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Hello all. First time post. We are having an issue with Outlook for Mac Shared Tasks. Allow me to explain:

Anne is using Outlook on her spanking new Mac Book Pro (OS = Big Sur)
Anne is sharing her tasks with Tom

Tom is using Outlook on his Dell PC running Windows 10
Tom is sharing his tasks with Anne

Anne creates or edit an existing task. In the notes section of the task she will highlight a string of text and change its color to Red. Save and Close
Tom will then access said Task. But rather than seeing the text in Red he sees it in Black

Now, if Tom does the same at his PC, Anne is able to see the text color that he has set to any selected string of text.

I made sure that Outlook for Mac is not set to use the New user experience (I believe that is what they call it)
I created a new profile on the Mac for User = Anne
I also made sure that it was not using the night theme.

Basically, I am stumped. Any suggestions and/or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
It sounds like it is getting converted to plain text. I'll see if I can repro and file a bug report on it. (You are the 2nd person to mention this - but the first did not mention macs.)
Good morning Diane. Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I have been looking at this issue with a fine young man from Microsoft. Unfortunately, he has had me jumping through hoops to no avail. What my colleague has had to do in the meantime is to access Outlook via a Parallels VM (Windows 10). Needless to say, she is not a happy camper.

Have a safe and wonderful day!

Here is a response that I received from a Microsoft Engineer:

I am very glad to confirm that your issue has been resolved. There is a limitation on Outlook for Mac which doesn't allow colored text made on Mac to appear on Windows.

Mail, calendar events, contacts, tasks, and notes with categories created in Outlook for Mac synchronize with Outlook for Windows but might not keep their colors.

At this time, while category names will synchronize, category colors do not sync. This applies to a user's primary calendar as well as delegated calendars.

To confirm during our communication via email and phone we went through different troubleshooting processes such as:

Creating a new profile on Outlook

Disabling dark mode on Mac and PC

Allowing Outlook access to the domain in order to receive emails

Here is a link to the website where you can suggest features to be implemented into Outlook for Mac.

Outlook for Mac: Hot (6483 ideas) – Got an idea?
That's BS - category colors do sync. I have my categories on my mac. Colors are not an exact match - brown in outlook windows is ivory on the mac.

But the problem isn't with category colors - its with formatted text in the notes field, correct?
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