Make Days "Bolder" in Side Calendars?

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When I select the calendar view in Outlook 2010 I can drag the sidebar over and see a years worth or easily more of the small 30-day calendars on the side. Days that have appointments are bold, but the difference is so subtle it's ridiculous. Is there any way to make those days bolder or a different color or any trick that makes them easier to spot?

For instance, if I've entered something for 6 months out, it would be nice to be able to easily catch it.


p.s. I also notice that for some bizarre reason MS doesn't bold the day at all if it's an all-day event. Sigh. Hard for my mind to even fathom how a company so huge with so many billions can not have made a single exciting upgrade to this program in 10 years. 2014 and still have to use 3rd party hacks to even have a yearly calendar.


No, you can't make them bolder. I once tried putzing with the Windows colors and font settings but couldn't find any that affected the bolded dates.
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