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rename this attached .txt file to a .csv extension then import this to your calander, you will only be able to delete one day at a time unless you add a catagory field as well. Happy Days!



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As an FYI, the text file is a list of the days of the year day1- Jan 1... day 365 - Dec 31. like Holidays imported from Calendar > Add Holidays, they are individual events, 1 a day for 365 days.

For more fun with this, a HOL file with the day numbers and days to go. Download, remove the .txt from the file, double click to run - it will bring up the Add Holidays dialog. By using a HOL file, the events are in the holiday category. View attachment DayNumbers.HOL.txt

The CSV has advantages - you can add a Category column and put them into their own category. That maks it easier to hide or delete them.
But it was your idea. :)
But it was your idea. :)
Can Outlook be adapted to calculate the number of days between two dates, sometimes spanning a year end? Numerous statutory notice provisions specify a fixed minimum number of clear days between the date a notice is served and the date on which the next step in a process can be taken. Currently using Excel to do the calculation.
In appointment & task dates, yes. If you need an appointment 39 days from now, type 39d in the start field. If you need 39 days from say Dec 12, select Dec 12 in the start field and then type 39d over it. Use w for weeks, mo for months - you can also do simple calculations: 3w+2d. See for more information and tricks.
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