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Tried "Outlook 07 for Dummies" and CPA to no avail. Would like to be able to print a weekly calendar starting with today and displaying the next 5 days. Printing a weekly calendar on Wednesday which shows the previous appointments for Monday and Tuesday is useless [to me]. When I print Saturday, would rather see what's in front of me as opposed to what happend before. The only calendar program I have found which allows this option is Time & Chaos.

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You definately do not want to print a week calendar - they print weeks, beginning witrh the first day of the week as defined in Calendar options. But... If you set the first day of the week to whatever "today" is when you print, you can print the weekly style beginning today. You need to change the first day back when you are finished, otherwise the on screen calendar is confusing.

While not exactly what you want, using the daily style and 8 up page layout will print all days on one sheet. Select the dates you want to include before opening the print dialog and outlook will use just those dates.

The calendar details style will also include only the selected dates, if a list format is suitable to your needs.

This screenshot is from 8-up print preview:



Outlook version
Outlook 2007
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Thanks for the quick response and the simple solution. Owe you a hot cup of Starbucks.
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