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I am an avid user of flagged reminders for my emails in Outlook.

Every email which need follow-up is flagged in order of importance with today, tomorrow, this week or next week. Unfortunately however, the tomorrow flag is not usable on friday because the reminder is then set to saturday altough I have excluded both saturday and sunday in my work week set in the calendar options.

My question is, if it would be possible (I assume only via VBA) to set a custom reminder for the next business day, so excluding non working days ? (It would be even better if it would also skip days which I marked as OutOfOffice in my calendar)

I already did some searching but could not exactly find what I was looking for and since Slipstick has already provided me so much tips and tricks on using Outlook, I thought this would be the best place to raise this question.

I'm familiar with VBA although I'm (unfortunately) not an experienced VBA user (yet), so I may use sample code and adapt it to my needs but I don't have the knowledge yet to create something from scratch.

I thank everyone already in advance for any useable tips and tricks !
i have a function at Create Outlook appointments for every xx weekday that skips weekends and predefined holidays. Reading the calendar would be possible, but slow. If you don't create tasks too far ahead, then you could just check for oof a few days ahead.

I have a macro at Autoaccept a Meeting Request using Rules that checks for free/busy - i'm assuming you only want to check all day appt marked oof, and would just look for all day event marked busy or oof within the next xx days, rather than checking the free/busy all day long.
this is a quickie using the function on the every xx workday page -

Sub CreateTask()

    Dim objTask As Outlook.TaskItem
    Set objTask = Application.CreateItem(olTaskItem)

StartDate = Date + 1 ' tomorrow
StartDate = NextWeekDaySeries(Format(StartDate, "MM/dd/yyyy"))

With objTask
    .DueDate = StartDate
    .StartDate = StartDate
End With

    Set objTask = Nothing
End Sub
Hello Diane,

Apologies for my late reply but did not found time until now to test your macro (for which a big thank you very much !).

I followed your instructions but I don't seem to get it to work.
I copied the macro to my ThisOutlookSession, restarted Outlook and enabled macro's but as from there it is unclear how to get it to work.

I understood that it would run whenever a message or task is flagged but I tried every flag type and it does not take all day events into account. I also tried to run the macro from the developer tab but same result, the macro can be run but nothing happens.

I did notice in the macro that it is based on a US region whil I'm in Europe, for example in the line Debug.Print Format(itm.Start, "m/d/yyyy") which I changed to Debug.Print Format(itm.Start, "d/m/yyyy").
Can this have an impact and would the above change in the code be correct ?

Can you provide me some more info on how to a apply this macro to the flags ?

Thank you in advance !
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