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Vainly tried to find an answer here. Maybe the question hasn't been asked before, maybe it plainly isn't possible, I don't know.

Having multiple mailboxes/mail accounts and RSS feeds, I would like to set the columns (i.e. the 'To:', 'From:' 'Title:' etc. fields) for all folders and subfolders in 1 action.

Right now I have to go into each different accounts, sent/received/RSS folders, and set the view accordingly.

Any solution for this?

Many thanks indeed!
Honestly have to confess: I haven't look there.
Was looking under 'Options'.

Meanwhile, strangely enough I see that RSS feeds are not listed under my outlook account where they are under my gmail account. I am using in Outlook 2016 setup.
Have been using gmail, but this is my backup mail address now.

Anyway, that said, the RSS feeds under gmail (not in use anymore) are listed when selecting
View->Change View->Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders.

even though I use Windows UK version
and change Office to UK version (Micrsoft Office 2016 Tools->Office 2016 Language Preferences)
only parts of Office is 'translated' into English.
Toolbar/menubar, okay, but the sidepanels are still Dutch. I added the English text.
Seems Office is checking Windows->Control Panel->Clock, Language and Region->Region and
what 'Home location' has been set under tab 'Location'.
I have no idea how to solve that, as I do want to keep the comma as 'Decimal symbol' and the date
as dd-mm-yyyy

SnagIt-19092017 084136.png
SnagIt-19092017 090258.png
Thanks again Diane.
Sorry for the delay.
I'll try the resetfoldernames thing later.

Thanks for the Calendar date format tips. After setting up Windows (UK) one of the first things I do is setting up the format to dd-mm-yyyy and hh:mm:ss, etc.
Maybe I tried already it out, maybe not, but I wonder what would be happening if I were to change the -Location- in Windows settings. I might be messing up other things that I am not aware of.


Office-Outlook 2016 GUI Language Settings-01-22092017 063656.png Office-Outlook 2016 GUI Language Settings-02-22092017 063853.png
Office-Outlook 2016 GUI Language Settings-03-22092017 064611.png Office-Outlook 2016 GUI Language Settings-04-22092017 071311.png
Image # 2/3 should be the one that affects it - it needs to be on Eng then the resetfoldernames switch will change the folders back to Eng.
It obviously only reset folders on the default account.

SnagIt-22092017 133024.png
Gmail is in outlook as imap, right? what language does gmail use for the folders at

You might need to delete the imap ost file and let it resync.... if you have any this computer only folders with stuff in them, export the contents first.
Hi Diane, it is POP (.pst).
The 'IMAP' folder - I should have blurred that too - I should be deleting that one. Typo error.
(at the time I was busy reading POP and IMAP and IMAP and IMAP and then changing from Gmail to Outlook etc.
One way or the other I retrieved a lot of duplicates -delete from server after 14 days- and used MAPILab
to remove the duplicates. Foldername for duplicates 'IMAP duplicates' instead of MAPI dups...)

Anyway, it is POP.
I know it is an outdated protocol, but it works fine in my case: multiple email accounts and multiple .pst archives.
All stored within a password protected container/drive. With IMAP and .ost I enter an 'uncertain area', it may work, with or without problems, or may work partly, or may not work at all and bottomline: what am I gaining?
Right now, everything is working fine.

Sorry, ignore the bla-bla-bla.. we had this discussion before :)

That Gmail is POP.

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