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In one PST file I have a Search Folder that displays messages received within last 7 days. It was created via "New search folder" dialogs. So far so good.

How can I view all items (or at least email messages) received/created within the last 7 days in all PST files? If I click the search box above the view, choose "All Mailboxes" on the right, and then type "received:last week" or "received:last 7 days" or "received:last7days", the progress indicator animation starts moving, and it goes on "forever" with no results displayed.

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Instant Search is the way to do it. Do any searches work as expected? It sounds like the index might need to be rebuilt.

if you want last 7 days, last week won't return the desired results in mid to late week
received:last week

I don't recall a 'last 7 days' search - you'll need to use dates.
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Thanks, I tried the second variant, and it works.
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