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I posted this at excel forums as well, but I was hoping someone could help me understand sorting outlook appointments. Outlook sorts them like this but when I use the macro, it sorts them like this. Notice it only does it when the subject has PennDOT in it.

This is my macro.
Sub LogThisWeeksAppointments()

    Dim myStart As Date
    Dim myEnd  As Date
    Dim oCalendar As Outlook.folder
    Dim oItems As Outlook.Items
    Dim oItemsInDateRange As Outlook.Items
    Dim oFinalItems As Outlook.Items
    Dim oAppt  As Outlook.AppointmentItem
    Dim strRestriction As String

    myStart = Now
    myEnd = DateAdd("D", 7, myStart)
'***Construct filter for the date range
    strRestriction = "[Start] >= '" & _
                     Format$(myStart, "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AMPM") _
                   & "' AND [End] <= '" & _
                     Format$(myEnd, "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AMPM") & "'"
    Set oCalendar = Application.Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar)
    Set oItems = oCalendar.Items
    oItems.IncludeRecurrences = True
'***Restrict the Items collection for the date range
    Set oItemsInDateRange = oItems.Restrict(strRestriction)
    Set oFinalItems = oItemsInDateRange.Restrict(strRestriction)
    Dim objMsg As MailItem
    Set objMsg = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
    Dim Signature As String
    Signature = objMsg.htmlBody
    Dim htmlBody As String
    Dim i      As Integer
    Dim AptStart As String, AptLocation As String, AptSubject As String
    Dim Weekof As String
    Weekof = Format(myStart, "MM/dd/YYYY")
'***Starts the HTML formatting for the body of the email with the Headers************
    htmlBody = "<html><body><h2>This Weeks Bid Projects</h2><table style=""width:55%""><tr><th>Bid Date</th><th>County</th><th>Project Description</th></tr>"
'***Starts Excel and opens "empty" book for log*********************
    Dim xlApp  As Object
    Set xlApp = CreateObject("excel.application")
    With xlApp
        .Visible = True
        .EnableEvents = False
        .DisplayAlerts = False
    End With
    Dim wbBID  As Object
    Set wbBID = xlApp.Workbooks.Open("U:\Excel\EmptyBook.xlsm")
    xlApp.Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:02"))
    Dim wsLog    As Worksheet
    Set wsLog = wbBID.Sheets("Sheet1")
    With wsLog.Range("A1:J1")
        .Value = Array("BID DATE", "LOCATION", "BID DESCRIPTION", "A", "", "R", "", "J", "", "D")
        .Font.Bold = True
        .HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter
    End With
    wsLog.Range("E1, G1, I1").EntireColumn.ColumnWidth = 1
    wsLog.Range("D1, F1, H1, J1").EntireColumn.ColumnWidth = 4.43
    Dim StartPrime As Integer
    Dim StartDate As Date
    StartDate = myStart
    oItemsInDateRange.Sort "[Start]"
    i = 2
    For Each oAppt In oItemsInDateRange
        If DateDiff("D", StartDate, oAppt.Start) > 0 Then
            i = i + 1
        End If
        If InStr(1, oAppt.Subject, "Weekly Projects") > 0 Then GoTo NextAppt
            If InStr(1, oAppt.Subject, "Dropped") > 0 Then GoTo NextAppt
                wsLog.Cells(i, 1) = oAppt.Start
                wsLog.Cells(i, 2) = oAppt.Location
                With wsLog.Cells(i, 3)
                    .Value = oAppt.Subject
                    StartPrime = InStr(1, oAppt.Subject, "Prime", vbTextCompare)
                    If StartPrime <> 0 Then
                    .Characters(Start:=StartPrime, Length:=5).Font.Color = RGB(255, 0, 0)
                    .Interior.Color = RGB(242, 242, 242)
                    End If
                End With
            wsLog.Cells(i, 4).BorderAround ColorIndex:=1, Weight:=xlThin
            wsLog.Cells(i, 6).BorderAround ColorIndex:=1, Weight:=xlThin
            wsLog.Cells(i, 8).BorderAround ColorIndex:=1, Weight:=xlThin
            wsLog.Cells(i, 10).BorderAround ColorIndex:=1, Weight:=xlThin
        htmlBody = htmlBody + "<tr><td>" & oAppt.Start & "</td><td>" & oAppt.Location & "</td><td>" & oAppt.Subject & "</td></tr>"
        i = i + 1
        StartDate = oAppt.Start
    htmlBody = htmlBody + "</table></body></html>"

    Weekof = Replace(Weekof, "/", "-")

    Dim LogFile As String
    LogFile = "M:\this week\" & Weekof & " Bidlist.xlsm"
    wsLog.Range("A1:B1").EntireColumn.HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter
    wbBID.SaveAs LogFile
    With objMsg
        .Subject = "Projects for the Week of " & Weekof
        .htmlBody = htmlBody
        .Attachments.Add LogFile
    End With
    Set xlApp = Nothing
End Sub
Outlook is listing by subject when the times are the same. The macro is only sorting by date - and without being able to see the events, it could be sorting within the same date & time by created date.
Try adding sort before or after recurrences - instead of after the results. (It may not make a difference but should be more efficient.)
oItems.Sort "[Start]"
oItems.IncludeRecurrences = True
Outlook is listing by subject when the times are the same. The macro is only sorting by date - and without being able to see the events, it could be sorting within the same date & time by created date.
I did try to see if they were sorted by creation time/date, but that's not the case. If I remove the "PennDOT:' part of the subject, they're all sorted by date, and then by subject the same way it shows in the Outlook pane. I did try to sort in different parts of the code, but the end result didn't change.
That is weird... you coyld remove the penndot from subject when you create the list -

replace(oAppt.Subject, "PennDot: ", "")
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