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Have a very unusual problem as it seems as nobody ever seem to use stationery any more. Anyway, I am using stationery with pictures as well as my own photos depending on daily mood when I exchange daily e-mails with my close friend and we do this since Outlook Express over Windows Mail and Outlook 2010 both of us first. By now I have changed up to Outlook 2019 but my friend cannot afford a new programme so is stuck with Outlook 2010.

Now the problem is that whatever stationery I create and send off with Office 2019 she will not be able to see in her Outlook 2010 but it will just show a white space where the picture line of the stationery would go down all the left side. At least she can see the white space so knows there is something missing and she also can see the font I chose.

So for now I am sticking to my old Outlook 2010 on an old computer for creating the stationery I want to use for her mails but that is a problem of course as one day either computer or programme might not work any more.

What I am doing now is I create the html stationery in Word 2010, send it with Outlook 2010 to my own address, collect it with Outlook 2019 and save it as msg-file. These files I can use then as template for mails to my friend and can send them with Outlook 2019 without any problem for her to see the stationery.

So I am generally looking for a way to be able to use my current Office/Outlook for creating new stationery that will still show in Outlook 2010. Since I have no idea what the problem is I don’t have a guess even what I could change or if there is no way at all that changing anything would change the result for my friend.

Did ask at other forums years ago already and never received any helpful answer as everyone keeps telling better not to use stationery for this or that reason and that sure doesn't help us as we are old enough to be stubborn enough for wanting to stick to our old habits, so I am getting into the mood of looking for help in new places again and again after a while.

So hope, you can at least explain why it will not work if you can't help me maybe. Thanks anyway!
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