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Outlook 2013 - synced with phone

My phone has meetings and tasks synced with my PC, on my PC version I have meetings tasks that are triggeruing my phone early in the morning to sound the reminder, which is depriving me of sleep.

Can I search for these reminders, they occur at 6.00 am - I have tried using the Search function but without success.

Can someone help, Thanks

Diane Poremsky

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The first problem is that outlook uses 'remind beforehand' as minutes before the appt. That makes it hard to sort or search on that field. The search problem is that AFAIK, its not searchable, so even if only 8AM meeting are affected, you can't search. You could group by the reminder beforehand field and eyeball.... have a macro around that calculates the reminder time - it could be used to list the appt that have a 6 am reminder.