Outlook 2013/Exchange 2013 - Conf Rooms not fully booking "resolved conflict" meetings

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We have had a couple of instances lately where:
  • User A has a meeting scheduled in Room A
  • User B tries scheduling a meeting using the same time in Room A
  • Room A is set to refuse all meeting conflicts
  • User B is unable to do so because of conflict with User A’s meeting
  • User B and conf room admins (resource delegates) get a notification
  • Conflict is resolved by User A cancelling original meeting
  • User B’s new meeting then appears on the Room A conference room calendar
  • However, the “Show as” button on the meeting info shows as “Free” not “Busy”
  • User C, hunting the elusive conference room, sees Room A available during that time slot
  • User C books meeting only to find User B in the room at meeting time
Is this at least partially "by design"? Would having one of the conference room admins click “Accept” on the mail message they got book the room all the way (e.g. puts it on the calendar and shows as busy in free-busy)? Is there something else I can do systematically to ensure that meetings are booked properly? Is there a patch for Outlook or a powershell fix for Exchange that will correct the status from “Free” to “Busy”?

I suspect the conference room admins aren’t checking very often (this is a small part of their job) and I am pretty sure they aren’t following up on the messages. These meetings have been happening on short notice as well. If what I need to do is say to everyone is “If you get a bounce you need to resolve the conflict and then notify the front desk to correct the calendar” then that’s doable. We’ll refine the procedures and work on it. I could set up mail rules to organize/autorespond for the admins to make it easy for them and remind people who ignore my messages ;-) .
  • Most users have Outlook 2013 32 bit but there are some remote accounts using outlook 2010/2013 64 bit, mac mail, and outlook for iphone
  • Recently moved everyone to Exchange 2013 CU 21 (on prem, single server)
  • Conference rooms are all set to refuse ALL conflicts and forward to conf room admins
I haven’t checked yet to see if the users can themselves change the status of the room from Free to Busy.
That sounds like a bug - the calendar show accept it as busy. I'll test it and see if I can repro.

Huge thanks for that. I appreciate it. In the meantime I will ride herd on procedural work arounds (e.g. tell the conf admins they actually need to ride herd on this).
That sounds like a bug - the calendar show accept it as busy. I'll test it and see if I can repro.
Diane, can we also just remove the conf room admins from the process by completely rejecting all conflicts and not sending it to delegates/owners for approval? Currently in the OWA settings "Everyone" can book the resource if available and send a request for approval to the admins if it is not. If I change that to basically noone (e.g. allow myself to do it but nobody else), will conflicts get dropped completely, or do I need to view and change some parameters with set-calendarprocessing, and if so, which ones? I want people to be able to freely book any available times but if there is a conflict I want them to get a bounce and the conflict is NOT on the calendar at all even tentatively. The user would need to go back to square one to book.
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