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  1. D

    iCloud Add-in not working in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 After Windows Upgrade & iCloud Upgrade

    I’m in a situation where Apple says contact Microsoft and Microsoft says contact Apple. This is about how the iCloud add-in for Outlook does not work either after an iCloud update or a Windows 10 update. There are a number of posts on line about how to resolve this issue including: How to...
  2. S

    save email from excel

    Dear Sir wishing you a good day. we have a Excel VBA code that saves the selected email from outlook and hyperlinks a cell to it. but the problem is when the selected email is from a search result on "All Mailboxes". I would be thankful if you check what the problem is and let me know. Sub...
  3. B

    Outlook 2013/Exchange 2013 - Conf Rooms not fully booking "resolved conflict" meetings

    We have had a couple of instances lately where: User A has a meeting scheduled in Room A User B tries scheduling a meeting using the same time in Room A Room A is set to refuse all meeting conflicts User B is unable to do so because of conflict with User A’s meeting User B and conf room admins...
  4. C

    Trying to populate an appointment ComboBox from Excel

    Hello All. Newbie here so forgive me if this is elementary. I've done fairly well self-teaching in Outlook 2013. Here's my goal: I have created custom pages on my outlook appointment where I can track the purpose of the appointment, client, type of meeting, etc. It's all the minute details...
  5. A

    Run time error 424. object required in outlook 2013

    Hi I was trying to build a custom based form in outlook 2013. I got the tutorial on News, Tips, and Advice for Technology Professionals - TechRepublic I followed the step and was able to add a combobox to the form as well as a VB Script. But each time i run the form the combobos did populate...
  6. I

    How to receive mails on behalf of when sent to group mail?

    Hi, I receive mails from a group mail sender - Pi_team@mycompany.com (Pi_team@mycompany.com is in the From field, it's also in the contact list as Pi_team). In the message header there are some specific words I can search for -> ex: From: Mike "Pi_team@mycompany.com. Is it possible to set up a...
  7. I

    How to display sender's name instead of email address in outlook 2013 message

    Hi, I use outlook professional 2013 and there's an email group account PI_team <PI_team@mycompany.com>. Me and my colleagues were set up to receive the mail when someone sends to this group mail. I have also Jira configured to send mails upon issues via mail server. Sender's email address is the...
  8. N

    Title and Suffix in Contacts

    Hello everyone. Is there any way to edit or add new items in suffix and title menus for example add the same words in other languages ? or delete some of them ? My outlook version is 2013. thank you in advance.
  9. B

    Forward every other email in Outlook 2013

    Looking for some kind of script or code to run to forward every other incoming email that comes from a specific email address to a certain person. In other words, I get emails from bob@bob.com, and every other email needs to be forwarded to Dave, and every other email needs to be forwarded to...
  10. J

    VBA Run When Reply

    Hi Diane, can you help me with VBA code to be used in Outlook 2013. This is what I would like to do: 1. I will select Reply To All and then run the code. 2. The code will add an attachment, insert certain text to the top of the body of the email reply, and insert my signature under the text...
  11. C

    Autocomplete losing some (not all) addresses

    Hi Hope someone out there can help with this, cos it's a strange one. One of my users has a recurring problem where her autocomplete list will lose addresses seemingly randomly. It does not lose all of the addresses, just some, and these are very often very frequently used addresses. Today...
  12. S

    Shortcut/button to a Calendar Group

    Greetings, I've made several Calendar Groups (me and the boss, me and a few coworkers, etc). I hide the left folder bar and it takes several clicks to change between Calendar Groups. Is there a way to make a button on the Ribbon or above the ribbon to display one of several Calendar Groups...
  13. Vijay

    Error in rule- Run a script

    Hi All, The below macro works great and am triggering this when a email arrives. but sometimes i get "Error in rule" and rule stops. Any idea what causing this error ? Public Sub saveAttachtoDisk(itm As Outlook.MailItem) Dim objAtt As Outlook.Attachment Dim saveFolder As String Dim...
  14. J

    Macro only runs within VBA Editor

    I located a code which creates an email message with a meeting attendee list including acceptance status. I installed the code and was able to run it without issue from both editor and developer tab macro list dropdown. I exported the code to be able to import onto another computer but now the...
  15. Vijay

    Run script doesn't work in outlook

    Hi All, the below code worked only once and its not all working now. this code saves attachment to folder on arrival. and i have set this through run a script rule. my trust center setting > macro settings > Notifications for digitally signed macros,all other macros disabled. and its greyed...
  16. copperberry

    How to display incomplete tasks due on or before 7 days from now

    I love the Next 7 Days view in Tasks. However, I wish it also listed any other tasks that were due before today that are still incomplete. How do I set this up in the Manage Views? I tried entering the following in the Advanced Tab, but it didn't work: Status not equal to Completed Due Date on...
  17. Vijay

    Reply all by attachment name

    Hi All, my first post here, i have this below code working great as it is searching email with subject line and replying to it. the same task can i search by "Attachment name" and make reply ? here is the code Try Dim olApp As Outlook.Application Dim olNs As...
  18. F

    Move mails from Deleted Items folder back to its original folder where the mails got deleted

    I am using Outlook 2013 connected to Exchange 2013 Server. The automatic duplicate cleanup option on Outlook 2013 automatically deleted around 3,000 emails from different folders; these emails were not duplicates! There are now around 3,000 emails in the deleted folder that I need to move back...
  19. I

    Print Automatically Attachments

    Hi! I use Outlook 2013 64 bit standalone with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Up to now, when I receive pdf invoices in a certain email account, I need to open the email and print them manually. There is the usual Rules settings into Outlook 2013 that will print all the pdf files attached to...
  20. Diane Poremsky

    Set Another Data File as Default When Using an Exchange Account

    Diane Poremsky submitted a new article on Slipstick.com Set Another Data File as Default When Using an Exchange Account Continue reading the Original Article at Slipstick.com