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Hi Guys,

Been bursting myself trying to locate the source of this problem...

Symtoms include:

Outlook fully service packed taking an age to start up. Takes longer for users with more than one mailbox mapped. Looking at outlook started with /rpcdiag reveals the first 'Directory' connection is very slow, almost always 21500ms +/- 500ms or so. the connections to the Mail are face a few ms generally. further directory connections are fine. This delay is exaggerated by the number of accounts mapped each account mapped adds a further 25 seconds to the launch of outlook. We also see timeouts on occasion. Outlook performance is good and snappy once its started.

The environment is Exchange 2013 with the latest CU (applied last month), 2 x CAS servers (One in operation as Load Balancers were removed as part of the trouble shooting process) 2 x MBX server in a DAG currently only about 40 or 50 users. All running in vSphere 5.2 Enterprise. Desktops are VDI using horizon view.

Any thoughts on this? Worth noting the majority of the basic trouble shooting has been done, new outlook profile, safe mode, open small mailboxes, I'm confident the LAN is performing well as is the vSphere environment, disk latency is very low and SAN is less than 10% usage of capable IOPS, cpu usage is low on all components.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions
It looks like there is a problem talking to the directory and finding the server - if exchange 2013 replaced an older exchange, it could be looking for the old one first. If it worked before and not now, then I'd look at the updates, or changes to EWS - autodiscover settings.
Thanks, Brand new environment, not sure whether it was happening before as we have only started migrating users now... its not really an issue for a user that has only one mailbox as it only takes 23 seconds to open, if the user has many it can take minutes to log them on.... this is a common in our environment.

Outlook is fast and responsive when open, and opening the GAL is fast....

We are running in online mode as disposable linked clones, I failed to note that before.
Oh, online mode. That is slower, but I'm surprised its reporting slowness at the directory level. Plus 25 seconds per mailbox is a bit too slow. Does out of office work?
As stated interactive performance is not a problem, nice and snappy no waits etc etc its just this initial startup. My hunch is that something is timing out somewhere, the response time for the query initially is always 21seconds. Its very consistent.

Out of office is working OK. The test of the auto discover service is very rapid too.
Outlook 2013 displays the same behaviour.
Yeah, I'd expect it in any version. I believe there is a problem in finding the right server, its fairly common with migrations. Did you run all the tests in the connectivity troubleshooter?
We logged a ticket with Microsoft and they were also unable to rectify the issue however we did get to the bottom of the problem. Fairly simple solution to be honest.

We forcibly disabled IPv6 on the network adapters for the CAS and Mailbox servers. We had already done this to no effect within the network and sharing centre this didn't work. We had to disable ipv6 via the registry as per the following KB.
Thanks for the update. It was trying to find the server using ipv6 first, then dropping to ipv4.
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