How to set up domain by default for connections by Outlook

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 64 bit
Email Account (as MS Exchange)

I have 2 servers running on Windows Server 2012.

Server 1: Active Directory server

Server 2: Exchange 2013 server

When my customers want to set up a new connection in Outlook (2010/2013), they are go to do following:

Open Outlook -> Setup a new email account -> filling up account details -> finish -> All OK

And then Outlook requests to fill up the login details (login and password) where login filled up by default with email address. If customer keep login as email address and just filling the password, then Outlook returns error of authentification. Outlook can accept login as "DOMAIN\UserName" form only.

Could you please help me to understand:
- How can I set up the default Domain name (for filling up just UserName account to Outlook form request, without DOMAIN name) in Exchange 2013?
- How can I set up possibility to accept authorization requests where login is email address of the customer in Exchange 2013?

Thank you in advance!
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